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Unretrofied is more than just a hobby to me, and I hope to take this site full-time someday. The only way I can do that is with the support of lovely readers like you, which is why I'm excited to start offering a membership subscription!

The idea is to make this a win-win option for both of us — I get to devote more of my time and focus to making this site great, and you gain access to a few perks:

  • Unretrofied Connect - An email newsletter that features exclusive/bonus content not found here on the blog. I'm still experimenting with the content and format, but I'm really excited about what's in the pipeline.
  • Discounts on any stuff I may release in the future, like t-shirts, ebooks, etc.
  • Automatic access to drawings and giveaways.
  • The good feeling that comes from supporting an independent creator in their endeavors :)

If you get any value or enjoyment out of what I do here, or if you like supporting independent writers on principle, I would love to have you as a subscribing member.

There are two ways to subscribe, click either one to get started:

Subscription payments are securely managed through Helium, which operates on the Stripe platform.

If you're not ready to commit to a membership but would still like to help the site in some way, you can do so with a secure donation of any size here. Thank you for your generous support.

It should be noted that there's no catch involved for non-members here. All content published on Unretrofied has always been, and will continue to be, completely free. I will not be employing a paywall, truncated RSS feed, or anything else of the sort.

Note: At the end of the payment process, you will be redirected back to Unretrofied and given the option to sign up for the members mailing list. If you have no interest in membership perks and signed up simply as a means of showing your support, you can feel free to ignore this step.

If you are interested in the perks, please do remember to sign up as this will be my primary tool for keeping in touch with subscribers. I will never abuse this privilege. Period.

Managing Your Membership

Questions or Concerns? If you're unsure about anything or you run into any problems, please email me at and I will get it resolved for you.