Welcome to Unretrofied. My name is Chris Gonzales. I am a writer, amateur photographer, husband, and father living in Oklahoma City. In addition to this site, I am a contributor at Tools & Toys and The Sweet Setup.

I write about a number of subjects here, with the general focus being on creativity, writing, craftsmanship, and design, with a dash of nerdery thrown in for good measure. I like to think of Unretrofied as a place where creative geeks can stop by, have a cup of coffee, and read something that'll stimulate their minds.

I'm currently trying to turn this site into a full-time thing. If you enjoy the content I write here and you've got a measly few bucks a month to spare, it would mean the world to me if you checked out the membership subscription :)


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I do not currently have an RSS sponsorship system in place, but I am quite open to the idea. If you have something you'd like to advertise to an audience of lovely, tech-savvy people, let me know!

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